Website Development Services for Small Businesses

Website Development for Small Businesses

Website Development is about ensuring that your website has the functionality features required to convert visitors into customers.

No longer will it suffice to have a pre-2006 era website that consisted of a basic (and often ugly) site with a few bland pages.

Customers now want to see a website that looks reasonable, has enough information on it for them to feel comfortable doing business with you, and offers functionality that enables them to do busines with you with ease.

For example, some customers may not want or need to speak to you personally, and would just like to purchase a product or service instantly. You could implement a shopping cart system to serve this need.

Maybe you need website development because you have a website with an email address on it, rather than a web form, which looks more professional but also makes it easier on the backend to manage and market your business better. Further there are several issues with just having an email address. For you, unless you have implemented some methods to confuse web robots, you are probably receiving tons of spam already to that email address. It is inconvenient for users that use online email service providers to have to copy and paste in your email address. You also can’t customise an email address to ensure that you get the information that you want. A web form allows you to customise the information that you wish to ask the customer for, which helps ensure that you get all the information that you need from the customer to help you both move towards the next stage of the sales process.

Website Development Services for Small Businesses

Perhaps your business type and customers are of a nature where repeat business is highly likely, but you need to be able to have some kind of way of keeping in touch with the customers in order to keep your business at the forefront of their mind. Building in an effective permission based email system may be a very effective system to implement for your business.

For a lot of businesses, a potential client does not become a customer overnight. However, these potential clients are looking for someone to provide a service to them. If you can keep your business in their mind, both before doing business with them for the first time, and after, you greatly increase the chances that the business that they eventually decide to deal with is yours.

These are just a few examples of website development services that can help you take your business to the next level and we can help you develop a website that implements the features into your website design that you need to build a solid stream of clients for your business.

Whether you are looking for a new website design, or have a website that you wish to add features too, request a consultation with us to discuss your website development needs today.

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