Website Design Services for Small Businesses

Website Design Services for Small Businesses

Now that the Internet is a standard part of our lives, it has also become a standard that people expect any serious and self-respecting business to have a website. If you do not have a website, unfortunately people may see you more as an odd-job hobbyist rather than someone running a credible business.

With the Internet, people nowadays do not want to take what you say at face value, they want to be able to find out more about your business online. If you are at a networking meeting and you met two people who both provide the same service that you are interested in, and who both made as good an impression on you as the other. Let’s say both individuals give you their business card, but one has a website address on it, and the other does not. Who would you more likely want to do business with, the person that has also invested in a website, or the person who has no website?

Unless you are the type of person that would wish to thoroughly talk with both individuals over the phone regardless, then you will probably just go with the person that has invested in a website.

Or similarly, let’s say they both have website, but this time both have websites. One has a websign that looks good and is easy to understand, while the other has some weird design and their content is confusing, again who are you likely to deal with? Probably the one with the good website with easy to understand content right?

Website Design Services for Small Businesses – Are you ready?

If you are looking to have a website put together for your local business, you have come to the right place. Extensive SEO website design services will help you to produce a website that represents your business and provides information customers need to enable them to decide that your business is the one that they wish to deal with.

Navigating the website development market can be a minefield. You can end up dealing with a larger company with multiple staff that just wants to “process” you as soon as possible, with minimal contact or availability and a premium price to cover the cost of their staff and overheads.

Or you can deal with a small outfit that does not really understand the basics of website design, leading to a site that may be off-putting to potential clients costing you sales, or unreadable by search engines – also costing you sales by the loss of the ability for your business’ website to rank in the search results that are returned when a potential client looking for a provider of your services enters a search query.

There are also outfits that appear stuck in the pre-2006 era of website design creating sites that are very simple, very ugly and make you reach for the back or close button. And there are outfits that will design you a website that runs inside their own proprietary and often inflexible website management system, locking you into their service, or at least making it really inconvenient or difficult to move.

Extensive SEO designs websites that look professional, give their potential clients the information that they want, and enables the search engines to understand what the website is all about so that they can rank your website appropriately within their search results. On this latter note, we should point out that website rankings are affected by other factors in addition to the website itself, please see our small business SEO page to learn more about this.

Our website design will also involve Website Development techniques to ensure that the business performs the functions that you require, making it easy for your potential clients to become your paying clients.

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