Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO

Small Business Search Engine Optimisation or Small Business SEO in a nutshell encompasses a number of actions that can be taken to improve your ranking within the search results on the search engines, in this case specifically for small and local businesses.

When some businesses first decided to get themselves online, they may have believed or were led to believe that all they needed was to have a website, and that potential customers would find their website on the search engines and business would result. To some extent a few years back when the Internet was a bit smaller, and the criteria for ranking highly within the search engines was simpler, there may have been some truth in this for certain types of business websites.

Unfortunately the reality today is not as simple as that. There are more directly and indirectly competing websites online in any market, and the search engines continue to raise the benchmark for sites that they deem worthy of ranking highly within their search results.

Having a website in isolation nowadays is merely like having a virtual business card. That is, nobody really finds out about it without any effort to promote it. The aim of small business SEO is to helps establish credibility, trust, and authority of a website in the search engines eyes, such that this site ranks highly in their search results for relevant user search queries.

Small Business SEO Does Not Equal Websign Design

However, there are some web design companies that say that they offer SEO, while they do not really understand what SEO is. On closer inspection, there may be no optimisation on the website, optimisation that is poor, or “optimisation” methods used that the search engines frown upon and tend to respond with a penalisation of that websites ranking ability.

And if you are lucky enough to find a business that does have some familiarity with SEO for small businesses, you may find that they only offer optimisation of the website. Unfortunately small business SEO involves a bit more than simply having a well optimised website. Google and the other top search engines want as much information about your business as they can get, to help them decide where to rank your business in their search results.

Attracting clients to your website through the search engines is not just about what the content on your website, and achieving good website optimisation, it is also about how well your website is known and what is being said about your business and website through other websites and online media.

Extensive SEO, as our business name suggests, work on providing SEO for local businesses. We will help you to formulate and implement an SEO for small business strategy to enable your business to get a good ranking in Google’s local results, so potential clients see your business and contact you.

If your current website is not generating visits for you independently of any advertising that you have performed, then you may wish to contact us to discuss implementing a small business SEO strategy to ensure that potential clients searching online for your products or services are able to immediately see you in the first page of local search results, click on the link to your website, and then do business with you!

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