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Mobile phone websites or cell phone websites address the fact that there are 4 mobile phone handsets (or cell phone handsets) in use for every 1 computer on the planet. As the technology of mobile phones and the speed of data transfer continues to improve, more and more people are now starting to do business via their mobile phone. The growth is exponential thanks to the rapid take up of smart phone technology with Apple’s iPhone and handsets powered by Google’s Android operating system leading the way, making it even easier to use the Internet from the comfort of your hand, wherever you are.

However, like the explosion of the Internet, not everyone is aware of the growth of mobiles being used to accessed the Internet, and the business they stand to lose if their website does not provide the information that the user wants to see as soon as they arrive on your website via their mobile phone. Why is mobile website design or having a mobile friendly website essential? Let’s look at what things are like when potential clients try to access a non mobile friendly website:


  • delay – a page that is not optimised for a mobile phone / cell phone may take too long to download.
  • forced scrolling – because mobile screens are smaller, there is a demand for pages to format correctly
  • unnecessary clutter – images may look great on a website, but on a mobile phone with a much smaller screen, this can be a disaster as well as being a contributing cause of the above two points, if not properly handled.
  • phone number and addresss not immediately apparent – customers looking for a business on a mobile phone do not want to have scroll and click around to find your contact details

Any and all of the above add up to inconvenience and can lose you business if one of your potential customers finds and accesses your website via their mobile phone.

If you haven’t yet acquired one of the new smart phones, that is Apple iPhone, or a Google Android powered handset, the next time you upgrade your phone you probably will get one as these become the de facto standard. Regardless of whether you get one of these phones in the near future or not, many people are getting one, and if they are on the move and they will use it to browse via the Internet. If they are looking for somewhere to go, you can best position yourself for attracting the client by having a website that they can actually read rather than get frustrated by.

Mobile Website Design is essential if you do not already have a mobile friendly website

Mobile website design goes hand-in-hand with having your business appear on Google maps, as more and more people start using their mobile phones to find out information on local providers of services that they require,and the want to be able to quickly find out information about that business.

With the number of mobile smart phones growing, mobile phone and wireless network technological improvements, and contiinual improvements by the search engines and social media websites to further bridge the gap between reading something online, and being somewhere off-line, it’s smart to be able to take advantage of this growing source of traffic.

A mobile website design implementation for your business offers not just a first mover advantage today, but will become a necessary catch up requirement tomorrow as the gap narrows further between desktop PC and mobile devices, and the demand continues to grow for accessing online content via mobile devices.

Just like having a website has gone from being an optional business tool to a required one for any serious business, so many businesses will do well to extend their reach to the growing demand for website accessibility via mobile devices.

Request a consultation to discuss mobile website design so you can implementing a mobile phone website solution for your business today.

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