Local Business Listings

Local Business Listings

Did you know that now when people search for products and services online Google now tries to match the users search results with providers of local services or products in his or her area? Do a search for “hairdressers” for example. Unless you are living in some remote area where there aren’t any hairdressers, Google will return a list of hairdressers that it has identified as being operational within your local area.

This is what is referred to as local business listings. You may be wondering how Google knows what your local area is, that’s simple – the number of Internet service providers assign their users an IP address that can be used to identify their location.

And that’s just considering users who are searching for a service from within their home or office computer. If you haven’t upgraded your mobile phone lately, or do not have an iPhone, you may not be aware that Google are doing everything possible to enable a mobile phone user to have an easier experience on the move via Google maps.

Google Maps Local Business Listings

Google maps has built in GPS functionality that enables a user to see exactly where they are on a map. They can also enter a destination that they wish to reach and get live directions for it, whether travelling by car, rail, or foot. And for you as a business, Google also aim for users to be able to find a provider of a product or service that they are interested in with ease. However one of the following issues affect most local businesses:

  1. Does Google know that you even exist? If Google doesn’t know about you, then you do not appear on the map.
  2. If Google does know about you, it may not have accurate details about your business.
  3. Assuming Google does know about you and your details are correct, the next issue is how many other competitors are there in your area? Google will rank these businesses according to how much trust it has been able to ascertain about the business. It gains this from meeting a number of criteria which we can discuss with you as part of our online consultancy service. To put the importance of ensuring Google find your business worthy of ranking above your competitors, think back to the old days of the Yellow Pages (or current days if you are still using them), having high trust is like appearing on the front page for your business category in the yellow pages. Lower trust is like appearing on any of the subsequent pages.

At Extensive SEO, we help you to get local business listings for your business listed if it is not already listed, we ensure that your business details are accurate and complete, and we will optimise your business listing to give your business the best chance of being seen over your local competitors.

Do not underestimate the value of local business listings. A potential customer searching for a provider of your services from the computer or the phone cannot call you if they don’t see you. Your competitors are doing it, and you are missing out if you are not visible, while you’re more savvy competitors are!

Request a consultation now so we can discuss getting your company to appear in the local business listings for your area.

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