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Small Business SEO – Extensive SEO provides small and local businesses with search engine optimization and social media solutions to boost their search engine ranking. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you to increase your visibility and start attracting new business online today.


Extensive SEO – Small Business SEO & Online Consultancy

In the current economic climate, it can be hard for many businesses to find new customers, let alone hold onto enough of their existing customers as they would like. It can be very difficult to consider how to effectively promote your business in order to attract new clientele without advertisement expense outweighing the chances of running a successful campaign. Extensive SEO can help you leveraged the power of the Internet to attract more business with minimal risk.

At Extensive SEO, we work with you to assess your current business needs and formulate a custom solution for you. For example some businesses will have a website, some businesses will not. Some businesses will want to capitalize on social media, while other businesses may have more the desire to be accessible via the latest smart phones. After we have assessed your needs, we will explain the most suitable options for you based around your needs and requirements.

Unlike other SEO companies, Extensive SEO will not give you wild and unrealistic claims – we will tell you what you can reasonably expect to result from specific promotional activities. Small business We do not want to give you false promises, as we believe in building long-term relationships. We aim to provide a good service that you will want to continue using us in the future, as well as recommending asked to other small and local business owners.

Extensive SEO offers a number of different packages designed to boost the number of visitors to your business from developing a website – if you do not already have one or require a redesign, to providing small business SEO packages to boost your ranking in the search engines, to giving you visibility through the latest Internet phenomenon – social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Rather than push small business SEO packages on you, we at Extensive SEO prefer to talk with you about your current business’ performance and your desired objectives. We only want to recommend a package to you that logically makes sense to you and your business. And we believe the only way to do this is to be able to understand your needs and objectives for your business.

The Internet is now firmly entrenched as the go to place for people looking for not just products, but also services. We hadn’t actually paid attention to the Yellow Pages for a while, or rather we hadn’t paid attention to the size of the Yellow Pages for a while. There was almost an injury in the office when we saw the latest edition that refer to itself as being a handy pocket size. Well of course it can be a handy pocket size now because most people are not advertising in their any more, they have a website and they are advertising on the Internet!

And the reason why is simple, you can go on Google and search for a plumber and Google will return a list of plumbers in your area automatically, no flipping around through the Yellow Pages. And the results are getting even more useful because users of that service are also able to leave reviews. It was recently revealed that one fifth of all searches performed online now have something to do with location. That’s a pretty significant number, and you are missing out if your business is not amongst those seen by those 20% of users searching for a local business or service. Extensive SEO can help you to be seen by those 20% and small business SEO can help ensure that you stay there as the competition start following you!

So if less people are using the Yellow Pages, and more people are using the Internet, then logic dictates that you need to ensure that you get noticed by potential customers searching for the service that you offer. Because unlike with the Yellow Pages, people looking for a service that your business provides online are going to be less likely to browse through the pages of results looking for you. When people are looking for information online, they want it fast!

Google is aware of this, so one of the features that they have incorporated over the last few years, is to integrate a limited number of map locations of local businesses, and leave the rest of the world to find their own way onto the map. Getting a map listing represents a huge potential for your business to get noticed online, as if you are looking for a local service, and you are greeted with a map amongst the text listings, you are going to look at the map aren’t you? Extensive SEO will put your business on the map! However all map listings are not created equally, especially once your competition have moved in. Small business SEO from Extensive SEO will help ensure you are not one of those businesses that simply fade away into page n oblivion while savvy competitors reap the rewards of being noticed.

If you aren’t already aware, the smart phone market is rapidly growing too. Once the exclusive domain of Apple with the iPhone, both Google and Microsoft have muscled their way into the smart phone market. Google in particular has seen serious growth, albeit indirectly because these phones merely run on the Google Android platform.

Amongst the many weird and wonderful things users can do with a smart phone, one of the most significant from a business’s point of view is being able to access Google maps or Google local as it is also referred to. This enables a user to not only see where business is geographically, but Google maps can even help navigate them there, by rail, car, and even by foot. Many users are also choosing to browse businesses websites on a smart phones too. Being on Google maps is a huge potential. Extensive SEO can help you get a solid listing!

Not only are clients looking for businesses on a map, they also expect to be able to take a look at their website on their phone too. And some websites may look fantastic from a PC, but they will be an ugly mess on a mobile – because of course they were designed with 15+ inch monitors in mind, not smaller screens. So you will want to make sure that your website is smart phone friendly too. At Extensive SEO, we offer smart phone friendly sites as part of our small business SEO range of services too.

And who hasn’t heard of social media? It was recently revealed that Facebook has overtaken Google as the world number one search provider. And Twitter is seen as the perfect way for businesses and individuals alike to send out short succinct, but effective soundbites. These are just two of the biggest and best social media platforms out there. They can work for you, so long as you are aware of how to use them effectively to promote your business. As another part of our Small Business SEO suite of services, Extensive SEO can teach you how to use social media to leverage the reach of your business.

So what is the next step? As you can see, there are quite a few options out there of methods you can use to effectively market your business in a smart and cost-effective way. We invite you to contact us for a brief discussion about your business. We will then be able to assess what services we offer that will fit your business needs. Do not leave money on the table, get your business noticed, get more clients, get more money. Extensive SEO will help you leverage small business SEO for your business’ success. Request a consultation now!

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