Extensive SEO

Extensive SEO

Online Business Services For Small Businesses

Extensive SEO is here to help you with the promotion and develop of your business via the Internet.

From web design to SEO and consultancy services, if you are looking to evolve your business then get in touch with us.

Website Design / Redesign

With our website design service, you can quickly establish the credentials of your business. If a potential client is searching for a business online. Who are they most likely to call the business that has a website or one that doesn’t? Not only does a website help inspire trust, but it also tells the potential client that you are both an active business, and a business that cares about its appearance.

If you have a website that looks amateur, or has a style that is a relic from the dot-com boom age, we can give your site a makeover that is fresh and in line with current designs. If your site looks amateur or dated, then you’re probably losing clients to your more up to date and professional looking competitors.

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Mobile Website Design

View Extensive SEO Mobile WebsiteMobile Website Design ensures that your website is up to date with the current trend – going mobile. (Scan the image to the left with your mobile to see our mobile website)

With the latest trends in technology giving us smart phones and faster wireless broadband, no longer are we confined to accessing the Internet from a desktop computer. We can now browse the Internet via our phone.

That means people are now starting to look up businesses and place transactions via their mobile phone. And if they are looking for your company, they will expect a mobile friendly website to appear. This is a growing trend as much as the last decade has been about businesses needing to have their own website.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s one thing to have a website. It looks professional. It proves you exist. But it doesn’t attract business to you all by itself.

Search Engine Optimisation ensures that the purpose of your business website is valued by the search engines, so that they rank you high in their search results.

If you are looking to grow your business, then you need to SEO to help ensure your business is seen when people are searching for the products or services that you offer.

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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, you’ve probably heard of them all, and some you may be using personally, but guess what? These can all be used to help you generate new business too!

The importance of social media is such that not only is Google Plus Google’s third attempt to claim its stake in the market against Facebook and Twitter, but Google also factor social media into the equation when considering where to rank a website.

You cannot afford to have a lack of social media presence if you are looking to enhance your business profits and reputation.

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